Ways to Connect


Men’s and Women’s Fellowship

Cornerstone Valpo began in people’s homes and it retains a vital connection to its domestic roots. Each week, the Men’s and Women’s Fellowship Groups take turns meeting in a home, usually on Tuesday evenings. These gatherings play a key role in nurturing both faith and friendship in the congregation. We think, reflect, pray, laugh, cry, and eat together in these groups. We share our lives in Christ with one another, supporting one another in the journey of faith. For a time, we read the poetry of George Herbert, a 17th-century Anglican pastor, seeking to apply his keen insights into the Christian life to our own lives of faith, both as individuals and as a community. More recently, we have turned to the Psalms, and have been deeply blessed by our meditation on this book of biblical poetry.

The Men’s and Women’s Fellowship Groups have taken a break for the summer but will plan on meeting again in the fall on alternating Tuesday nights from 7 p.m. until around 9 p.m. Snacks and drinks are usually included. To get details on location, check our calendar, sign up for our newsletter (below) or send us an email.

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Cornerstone Common Meals

Because Cornerstone Valpo began in people’s homes, we quickly became accustomed to sharing meals together. Table fellowship is integral to who we are! At least once a month, we share a feast together after our Sunday service, enjoying one another’s company, getting to know new faces in our midst, and supporting one another in the joys and sorrows of life. We also hold such feasts in one another’s homes on special occasions, such as house blessings, holy days, and even the Super Bowl!  But these are the planned events. We’re in each others’ homes and lives all the time. Come to a service, and we’d love to invite you over for dinner or a cookout.

Coffee or Tea

Doing life together is really important to us. We encourage each other and those who visit us to regularly get together with each other around food or drinks. If you are new or just checking us out, one of our pastoral leaders would love to get together over coffee or tea. Contact Josh, Ron, Jana, Mary or Ty to get together.